An opera morning in Vienna

Vienna State Opera – Wiener Staatsoper

We started our day early in Vienna, had an apple strudel for breakfast and rushed towards Vienna State Opera. We booked a ticket for the Vienna Opera tour in English. One can book tickets on the spot but just have to be in time before the tours start. Check their website for times. I will definitely recommend this Wiener Staatsoper tour, I mean just look at the pictures we took 🙂 Besides it’s astonishing to hear the history and present of the Opera. 

We were a group of 10 to 15 people and the tour started at the oldest part of the Opera which had survived the bombing. Out of all the different rooms of the Opera – main facade, grand staircase, and the Schwind foyer had been spared during the bombing.

We were shown many rooms, corridors and paintings. Also, what we learnt is Operas are closed during summer. So, during those times of the year, certain parts of Opera are rented out to companies to conduct their events. 

What was fascinating was to stare at these magnificent halls called Marble Hall and Gustav Mahler Hall adorned with elaborate chandeliers and beautiful walls. Unfortunately, both the halls were rented out that day and were crowded with people and the preparations by the company that rented them out. 
We moved to the Tea Salon next which was a small expensive room. People have rented it out as well to conduct state-level meetings or private ceremonies. Tea Hall was exquisite and we didn’t stay there for more than a few minutes.

Tea Hall

Next, we moved to the actual auditorium. I cannot explain the majestic feeling one gets when you enter the auditorium. The auditorium can hold 1700 seating and 500 standing audience members. Around 350 performances happen in each season. 

During the tour, we were also shown the backstage of the auditorium. We immediately realized it takes an army of operations to run a successful show. Backstage can be opened to even huge trucks which bring sets and other relevant material of the show. 

Vienna State Opera – Backstage

After the tour, we admired the exterior architecture of the Vienna State Opera. We were so inspired by the whole tour, we made it a point to visit the nearby Mozart Memorial Statue. We felt it was a beautiful start of our exploring Vienna. 

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