Good morning! New week has started and I just realised that we are approaching 2020 in few more months and my blogs about 2018 aren’t over. I did not plan many trips in 2019, but there is so much content from my previous trips that I need to publish on this website. One such trip was the memorable Norway trip. I have already published on how to plan a Norway trip for your family, which was well received by the readers, hence now I will write about the experiences you should be looking forward during this trip.

As described in my previous post we booked an Express Boat by Norled departing from Bergen towards Flåm using Visit Bergen website. Boat journey takes 5.30 hours, departs from Bergen, Strandkai Terminal: (next to the Tourist Information in Bergen) at 8:00 and arrives at Flåm port at 13.35.

The ferry boat was a high speed craft called MS VINGTOR. It had two floors. On the ground floor, as soon as you enter, there is space to keep your luggage. Behind them are the seats without and with tables were families can sit together and have great views of the journey. On the upper floor are the decks where people can also access the decks. Since there is free seating, we immediately secured a table downstairs which was luckily next to the staircase leading to the upper deck. I think that was a smart decision since I was constantly taking pictures and hanging around on the front and back decks of that first floor. If you have elderly people in your travel group then lower deck seats are easy to access the main door of the boat.

Lower deck table with the view
First floor seats with back deck

Route of the Express boat

Norled Express Boat takes the route passing through Sognefjord which is called ‘the King of Fjords’. This route is considered to be the most beautiful and is part of the ‘Norway in a Nutshell’ journeys. Sognefjords is described as the most beautiful travel destinations in the world. The journey covers many landmarks but frankly we seem to have missed many. We came back with very different set of thrilling memories.

Leaving from Bergen

Bergen is a coastal city surrounded by fjords and mountains. The express boat leaves exactly on the said time from the port. One of the striking sights while leaving from the port in the express boat is the presence of Bryggen houses. These houses have been declared as UNESCO world heritage sights. These colorful houses man the left side of the coast while behind them is the Floyen mountain. The visuals of Bergen while leaving the port reminded me of the fact that how busy this port must have been in old ages and these ships are just a mask reminder of those scenes.

Views from the back deck of the boat

As mentioned before both decks are on the first floor of the Express boat. Since it was raining there were fewer people on the deck. Nevertheless the speed of express boat was best experienced from this back deck. Archipelago mountains and fjords can be seen in both sides of the boat but during rainy weather back deck might be helpful.

Visiting villages

Even though it was an Express Boat, it stops at more than ten towns during the five hour long journey. Every port looks different and was fun to see them. Some had colorful houses while others had simply the port in question.

Loading of Cars on other ship

While we were waiting at one such town.. We saw cars being loaded on a much larger ship. It was fascinating for us and we had to record it for our memory.

Standing in the front deck of the boat

After visiting nearly ten of more municipalities / towns along the coast of Norway during the fjord travel, it was announced that we were entering Næroyfjord. Næroyfjord is considered a part of the most famous Sognefjords. Hence, we rushed towards the front end deck to enjoy the views. But since it was raining, it was a challenge to stand still and record.

When the boat stood still in front of Laegdafossen

After we started our journey in Næroyfjord, our express boat stopped in front of the Laegdafossen. It is the one of the most famous and major waterfalls in Næroyfjord. Express boat completely stood still in front of this 575mt long waterfall and played the song ‘You Raise me up so I can stand on mountains’. It was one of its kind experience.

In front of the Laegdafossen

This waterfall can only be viewed and enjoyed only by boats while passing through the fjords. People can visit the waterfall also during their journey to other towns from Flåm. This waterfall arises in the river Sagelvi.

Heading back from Laegdafossen

Næroyfjord is a very narrow fjord and part of Sognefjords.

Other scenes captured from the boat during the journey

There was so many things we noticed and enjoyed during this journey until we reached Flåm. Rare sights of glaciers, an isolated house in waters or in the cosy mountains. What was even more amazing to see the clouds as low as they were.


After the waterfall boat headed quickly towards Flåm port.


I will write a detailed post on things to do in Flåm and Aurland. But here are the visuals around the Flåm port where the Express boat arrives.

After 5 hour journey, we were welcomed in Flåm by thick clouds covering the majestic mountains around us. It took few more hours for the clouds to clear and rain to stop. More about Flåm and Aurland in this blog over here on this link

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