About me :)

Hello world! 10-08-2014

I am from a town just outside Mumbai, it’s called New Mumbai 🙂 I am a researcher by profession, married and in Sweden right now. I have lived in Denmark in the past.

I have been eating traditional Marathi food all my childhood. I knew nothing better than it. I think, my interest in cooking started only when I started living or decided to live alone in Denmark. Initially, the basics of cooking were taught to be my mother. She has been very supportive with my culinary experiments. After marriage, I realized,my mother-in-law has tons of experience in cooking variety of dishes. Luckily, she loves experimenting and keeps encouraging my ventures! I am encouraged by both these exceptional ladies time and again!

I have been reading numerous blogs, following gplus food bloggers, following culinary tv-shows, watching private youtube videos, downloading applications from app stores to keep myself related to the culinary world. It’s been only overwhelming!

Cooking is relaxing for me. It’s my hobby. When I work on my lab experiments, they lead to a story to be written about in scientific journals, I needed a similar documentation for my cooking.
Hence, the blog.

So, why the name moody7foodie? I still don’t think I have full comprehension of my cooking abilities, there is quite a lot of mood swings attached to it!
I need to be inspired by appearance, thoughts, ingredients to prepare any dish. I have not turned on my creativity to its full potential. I am understanding different ingredients, getting to know them slowly.

I hope this blog will document my journey and make it an enriching experience in coming years!


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