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Beetroot smoothie

Beetroot smoothie. The actual color was magenta. My camera couldn’t even pick the right color. I put the glass in different places to get a good photograph. I was trying to find good light so that the magenta color could shine and pop out! I have developed a really liking towards smoothie these days. I

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Breakfast smoothie

Some recipes are not elaborate ones. I am aware of the need of a healthy breakfast, but I always want to reduce the time invested in making them. Eating muesli as breakfast everyday is difficult, especially as I have grown up eating savory breakfast items for e.g. Upma, Poha, Dosa, Sabudana Khichdi. Hence, eating something

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Vegetarian Pad Thai

I have tried this personal version of vegetarian pad thai by mixing two different recipes. First part of my inspiration was Instagram. This social media application is a great way of following Indian food bloggers. The incredible women I follow have great pictures (recipes) to share and inspire novices like me in this field. One

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