Thought of this day!

मनोरथ पूर्ण होतील. सकल कामनापूर्ती। मुखे राहे सरस्वती।। मधुर शब्दे बोलावया।। One should be careful with their words and the choice of words. All your wishes may just come true if you speak softly and sweetly.

Harvest festival

Autumn is setting it’s foot here in Sweden and so have various festivals. The weekends have been unusually busy with orchid festival in Botanical garden, kulturnatten (culture night) and today’s harvest festival. This was my very first harvest festival . Festival continues tomorrow, but I already had a unique experience. Since, I was new to

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Pasta in spinach gravy -Vegetarian

I really love pasta! I haven’t made fresh pasta, till date. I will make it someday. Till then, I love all kinds of commercially available pasta. I usually make vegetarian recipes by adding some Indian spices. I guess this is because I identify it better. But, I am pretty sure these ingredients are replaceable or

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Onion uttappa with potato bhajji

I simply miss eating “Rava onion mysore masala dosa” served in a local restaurant ( Navratna, Navi Mumbai). Hence, I decided to re-create the magic of my favourite dosa and my love of onion uttappam together. It was a good trial dish and more changes could be made over time. I have made mini versions

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