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Rödbeta smoothie

Rödbeta is ‘beetroot’ in Swedish. I have three (Beetroot smoothie, Beetroot shoot smoothie, and Grand smoothie) smoothie recipes on the blog which already have beetroot or parts of it in them. Beetroot was not my favorite since childhood. Frankly, no one I know is fond of beetroot recipes. But, I have trained myself to eat these

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Grand smoothie

Grand smoothie!! This was a superduper thick delicious smoothie. ☺😄 Please try making this delicious, wonderful, and healthy smoothie. I am quite full after drinking this Smoothie. Add 6 spanish strawberries, 1 tbsp frozen blueberries, 1 inch of peeled raw beetroot, 2 inch of peeled zucchini, 5-6 almonds, 1tbsp muesli, 1/2 tsp sunflower seeds, 250ml

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Beetroot smoothie

Beetroot smoothie. The actual color was magenta. My camera couldn’t even pick the right color. I put the glass in different places to get a good photograph. I was trying to find good light so that the magenta color could shine and pop out! I have developed a really liking towards smoothie these days. I

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