Honey chili tofu

Have you seen online videos of honey chili chicken recipes on social sites and wondered can it be done with tofu? Yes, exactly what I did. I just substituted protein from one of those recipes with the ingredients and things I had in hand to make a yummilicious, delicious and awesome honey chili tofu recipe….

Egg curry

Egg curry is ideal for a typical Sunday lunch. It’s extremely tasty and healthy gravy which can be eaten with roti or naan. There are various recipes for the same online. I have decided to make it the following way after reading few recipes online and trying to remember how my mother use to make…

Vegetarian Samosa

I was surprised when I had seen vegetarian samosa in a Italian salad shop called Le Appétit in Copenhagen, Denmark. Samosa’s are commonly found in any part of India. It’s a cheap snack found in road-side, sea-side food stalls, hotels and restaurants. It’s a tasty snack eaten with tea or coffee in office canteen too….