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Chocolate festival 2019

After nearly three years, I visited Bake and Chocolate festival on Thursday and I was sooo glad I did! This festival happens every year in October in Stockholm mässan which is five minute walk from Älvsjö Station. You can read about the festival from 2016 here on this link, but the festival has grown so

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Autumn pictures

I am posting a quick post here with all the Autumn pictures I have posted so far on my Ínstagram account. If you are on Instagram, you may want to follow. All pictures belong to this website and subject to copyrights. ©EATCLICKTRAVELREPEAT View this post on Instagram Quality is not an act but it's a

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Basics of planning a two day trip to any city in Europe

How many of you find planning a trip easy? How many of you feel confused about the process and feel stressful while executing the plan?

I can assure you after planning trips to 13 countries only in the last 2 years (July 2016 to August 2018); I can safely say I am getting a hang of it. I have managed to visit 27 cities or towns in these countries and clicked countless pictures.

Hence, I wished to write down a small process that I follow when planning a new trip. It more or less remains the same. 

Kungsträdgården in Stockholm

Stockholm had full blossom cherry blossom trees during the months of April and May. Spring has arrived late this year but the excitement to see these flowers was clearly visible among both locals and tourists. Even though Kungsträdgården is ‘the’ place for everyone to visit, one can spot many more trees planted across the city.

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Cherry blossoms in Stockholm 🌸

It’s a beautiful time to visit Stockholm and enjoy the weather as well as nature. Spring is here. This year spring is quite late, nevertheless the air is fresh and people are happy. It’s that time of the year in Stockholm when Sakura flowers blossom in Kungsträdgården – a place where around 65 trees are

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Pink and Silver dreams

Blog no. 4 of my Blogathon series. I am writing about favourite food items and travel places every other day. This will continue until I reach December when everyone goes on a break. HURRAH. So, I am back at a smoothie blog today. But before that, have you seen Stockholm Pendeltåg Station. It is new,

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Gålö is a place at the southernmost tip of Stockholm. It is known for its nature reserve. There is a huge camping site at this place. I reached this place from very north of Stockholm. I was with a group of photography enthusiasts coming from different walks of society and doing different jobs. To reach

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Sigtuna is a small locality situated to the north of Sweden and part of Stockholm municipality. There are mere 9000 inhabitants (according to 2010 census). Sigtuna is famous for historical reasons. Today it is known for ruins, old buildings and wooden houses. It’s easy to take a Pendeltåg (local commuter train) from Stockholm central station

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