Sabudana – Tapioca Sago made food items is commonly acceptable during religious fasts in India. Sago has almost 90% carbohydrates and very less proteins, vitamins and minerals. They act as main ingredients of two popular dishes ” Sabudana khichdi” and “Sabudana wada”. Now, I would call sabudana wada as Sago pattice just for my convenience. Usually, sago pattice is made by deep frying it in groundnut oil. I have changed  it by shallow frying it in medium amount of oil. For this recipe peanut or groundnut powder will be used for this recipe, but I tried with coarsely cut almonds. Even though we are eating carb-rich sago we are going to add potatoes in it. No wonder this is a common fast-day food since carbohydrate rich sago will give the energy to survive the fast. This fried snack is also eaten during monsoons. It is strongly recommended that it should be eaten when freshly made and hot, instead of storing it over long time.


2 potatoes – boiled, peeled and smashed

1 cup soaked sago

– Sago should be soaked for 7-8 hours in water.Water should be  just enough to cover the sago,

excess water might lead to sogginess

1 tbsp cumin seeds

2 green chilies – cut into small pieces

5 almonds – crushed and cut in to small thin pieces

2 tbsp freshly cut coriander leaves

1 tsp lemon juice

Butter and/or oil for shallow frying

Salt for taste


Mix all the above ingredients in a bowl. Please be sure that potatoes and sago is thoroughly mixed. Potatoes should be crushed properly to avoid lumps in pattice. I added some 2 spoons of butter in pan and then oil in to it. While making pattices, put some oil or butter on your palm as the mixture tends to be sticky. These medium sized pattice and shallow fried them in a pan. I did not deep fry them as even shallow frying then makes them taste the same and we save on oil consumption. Shallow fry them for a long time till they are golden brown from both sides.

Ok, so after frying them the sago pattices are ready to eat! You can eat them with curd or tomato sauce or just like that!

Verdict: It tastes and looked just like the normal sago pattice which would be deep fried. The taste is good and a very filling snack!!

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      I am not on Facebook. Thanks for the invite though 🙂


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