Okay! Super-duper caution! This smoothie has some fibrous content in it. I suppose more than half of the world is going to hate it.Because, once it is ready after every sip.. you will feel some fibers in your mouth. I am not sure if it is good or bad. I want to  think its good but extremely irritating.
My disclaimer is done.
I have blended  half a banana, 250 ml almond milk, handful of blue berries, 1 inch  peeled zucchini, handful sunflower seeds and 5-6 beetroot shoots. Blend then well and hard.
YES! beetroot shoots. I had them removed from the leaves, cleaned it and added to this! So, these beetroot shoots are heavily ignored. I wondered if I can use them in some way. This was my first try of using it.  I think, I am going to try using it in few savory dishes as well. Watch out d

If you remove the beetroot shoots, I think you will reduce the fiber content. I am certain this recipe is super healthy! Mixing blue berries and red beetroot shoots has resulted in  this vibrant color 💜. Can you name it?? 😊💚
Stay healthy and feel good!

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  1. Rödbeta smoothie Avatar

    […] is ‘beetroot’ in Swedish. I have three (Beetroot smoothie, Beetroot shoot smoothie, and Grand smoothie) smoothie recipes on the blog which already have beetroot or parts of it in […]


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