“Run.. Run”.. That’s what was on my mind as I was pacing towards the Lucerne train station. After a great breakfast at Monopol Hotel, (sister hotel of SwissAlpina) which is right in the front of the Lucerne station, it was difficult to not feel excited about the rest of my day. I have to admit when I had first heard of the plan for biking (electric biking) for one whole day in an unknown town of Switzerland – I was not excited. I am always the cautious one between me and my husband, when he  comes up with these out-of-the-box suggestions. I am always assured that these plans will work, when I see the amount of planning and time he invests in these adventurous suggestions. So, he booked online two electric bikes from Flying Wheels, a bike renting company in Interlaken and here we were heading towards Interlaken from Lucerne.

We quickly realised the train was “jampacked” which means completely booked in normal english. Somehow we managed to secure seats for ourselves. I had prebooked all train tickets for all the  journeys within Switzerland through SBB website. I remember that this journey did not have the super-saver tickets at our prefered timeslot on the website. I highly recommend super-saver tickets which can only be booked from a month in advance. These tickets are indeed useful and good on your pocket.

All the bogeys had clean large windows continuing till the overhead baggage areas. It was clear why they had made such arrangements once the train started its journey. The beautiful, mesmerizing scenery during the train journey from Lucerne to Interlaken is breathtaking. I wish someone had told me earlier to find a window seat on the right side when facing in the direction of moving train. Also, reach early as there are huge tourist groups with lot of luggage and big families who manage to get seats on both sides (actually, that is smart 🙊as you won’t miss scenery and photos from both sides).
It was a two hour journey but I wished the train would move slower. The greenery in combination with adorable blue colored lakes is unbelievable. I kept staring with wide eyes just to absorb as much I could. I tried to take videos and photos but the struggle of getting a right sided seat was real. I stood in the passages and kept eyeing the entire compartment and fellow passengers in hope that someone might be a local person who would  get down at earlier stop, leaving right side seat for me. Eventually, we managed to get these seats. I stared at those lakes and wondered who kept them so charmingly blue? Who is trimming the wild grass on mountains to look like backyard lawns? Ofcourse, then they have cute colorful houses inserted just near these awesome lakes and mountains. It’s difficult not to wonder if heaven looks something of this sort.
May be I am exaggerating and there ought to be places on earth better than these, but its difficult not to wonder otherwise. Then I smirked thinking “no wonder, it was not a super saver ticket”… They know it and they make sure you pay up to see it.
After reaching Interlaken, first thing I noticed was paragliders hovering in the sky all around. There were many of these adventurers gliding above us, as it is one of the recommended adventure sports in Interlaken. We headed towards  the Flying Wheels shop, picked up our bikes adjusted to our specifications, got guidance about bike route towards Lauterbrunnen, strapped our helmets and off we went….
Some of the rules were: to stay on rightside of the road within city,  give bike signals when in city, follow the red color bike signs, Follow route no 1 written on the signs and we won’t be stranded or lost. Superb! We had three paper maps to guide us towards Lauterbrunnen.. very old school.. and hence more fun! Once we crossed the city limits there was no one on the road. There were clear cycle paths.. But not a single person. All you are surrounded by are mountains, mountains, mountains……. and greenery and mountains again. Also! One snow capped mountain far away which kept reminding me that I am blessed to be here right now.

4 responses to “On our way to Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland – Part 1”

  1. Her Lost Mango Avatar

    Love this post! Love love love! Beautiful photos! I just posted my Switzerland post too! Would love to connect with you! Hope to hear from you! XOXO
    – CHY

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  2. Aditi Avatar

    Super… looks like u had an amazing bike trip!!


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