(continuation from Part 1)

We reached a place where we found an abandoned runway. Yes! Runway which is used by aeroplanes. The moment we were in in the outskirts of the city, our GPS and Google maps loving brains had taken over the faith on paper maps. But, these apps helped us (him) see an abandoned runway..and he was so glad. The motorbiker in him awoke and his eyes gleamed like a young kid who just realized what can be done now with this opportunity. He pretended that his electric bike is now his Honda CBR 250R and he zooomed past me towards the other end of the runway. All he had was electric bike which had good gears, speed and control, but he made the most out of it. I have a true adventurer to accompany me.. to say the least. After this incredible stunt I had to remind him, that this abandoned runway does not lead back to the biking path of Lauterbrunnen.

Hence! We resumed back to our road. We reached a wooden bridge over a river. This river had white waters.. gushing and flowing in full force. We had to stop there to just acknowledge is massive presence.


Next rule to reach Lauterbrunnen was that river will remain in your right. So, we are on the right track. The hills had begun as we geared ourselves to move upwards. We dodged two racing cards unaware of the bikes especially at the blind turns. But this never happened after this instance.



We biked to pass numerous beautiful places. We saw water taps with wooden or stone reservoirs, houses with colorful flowers, farmers, locals, beautiful houses with lovely backyards and lawns. Imagine having a house in the mountain, Swiss flag hoisted in front yard, river to give company and mountains to surround the houses from all sides. We crossed rail tracks on one railway station, accessed the free toilets and moved on. We refilled our water bottles in the public water taps on the road. Then there was a noisy waterfall..which was one of our halts to eat some chocolate, admire it and keep moving. We were blessed with unusually sunny weather. We passed some thin paths and some broad bridges. There were slopes and many hills. Electric bike was definitely helpful in such times, as it gave the much needed push to keep biking. At times, beyond the river on the other side we saw local trains coming from Interlaken towards Lauterbrunnen. Sometimes, we saw highways with trucks, cars and tourist buses zooming towards Lauterbrunnen. What could have been a two hour journey, we took at least 3 hours to reach. We crossed a huge parking lot building, tourist bus parking area, took a big curved road..and finally we had reached Lauterbrunnen – the place with 72 waterfalls 😊


Happy me !! 


Picture stop!
Huge rocky mountains
On our way…
Bridge to cross!



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  1. The Swedish Kiwi Avatar

    Looks absolutely beautiful! Would love to go for a bike ride there!

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