After reaching Lauterbrunnen, we decided to take a break from biking.  Lauterbrunnen train station is the first thing we came across as we entered the town. When we reached Lauterbrunnen, we quickly realized it is popular spot with tourists as the area around the train station had many tourist buses and cars parked.We located a local store were we found salad and sandwich to eat. We did not stop at a pizzeria or restaurant as either of it would take time to order and eat. Our cycles could be parked on any cycle stand but it didn’t look an easy job to find one immediately after entering this hilly town.

We ate our lunch inside the station as it had benches to sit and the Coop Shop (from where we bought the food) was right in front of it. After eating, we went to the tourist office also inside the central station. We inquired about Trümmelbachfalle or Trümmelbach waterfall. We found out that the waterfall closes at 5 pm , hence were advised to first visit the waterfall and then roam around. Also, the path suggested to us was not the normal road. It was one of the inner roads which was supposed to be more pleasant to ride.

I am so glad we followed the road we were told!!!! That route was beautiful beyond words. So, till now, we were overwhelmed by the path we had covered to reach Lauterbrunen, but now this was even more incredible. It was a quite ride with empty roads and few people walking back and forth from somewhere.

What happens is all the tourist buses and travel companies want their customers to reach the waterfall as soon as possible. Since they are traveling by buses they take the original highway kind of road, but what we took was a parallel road which was quieter, serene and equally gorgeous.  What was different about this part of the ride – we were riding without a river and completely surrounded by new set of large rocky mountains. We would see occasional waterfalls. Like, the second famous waterfall of Lauterbrunnen – Staubbach falls which we saw when we were still in the Lauterbrunnen town. 20160720_154701_006

Greenery and the snow capped mountain still kept us company, more number of paragliders could be spotted and we noticed chirping mountain birds. We almost doubted this route as it had very few signs of bike path and waterfall seemed really far than what we imagined in the map. Also, now mobiles were strictly used to take photos and videos, google maps and actual GPS was not so much of a priority. Of course, we didn’t want to get lost, but who cares… look at the beauty around us.  I remember thinking as long as we see humans occasionally walking on this road and houses which assure inhabitants, I need not worry. Also, I felt tired.. I needed to reach Trümmelbach falls. It took us almost 45 minutes to reach the waterfalls. We asked a passerby about the waterfalls, unfortunately she couldn’t speak english, then we asked another lady. Luckily, she said you are almost there, next left turn, go straight and you will see the road leading to waterfalls. We crossed a huge camping site of people forming mini village and living very near the Trümmelbach falls.  We had almost reached the water fall. Then we spotted  a huge area / entrance with travel buses, we knew we were on the right path.  I should say it took some time to reach the actual place, all I was thinking was.. I hope it’s worth the wait!! Ohhhhh!!! It most definetly was. 

Check these beautiful pictures and a small video of our journey!!


Check this video which will summarize the experience of riding towards Trümmelbach falls 






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