Mellow smoothie :)


It has started snowing here since last weekend. Winter is here!! It has snowed a lot already and the roads are already murky. I played a lot on the very first day of snow. I made the snow fairy, had my snow fight, tried to build a snow man and tried to play basketball in snow!! It was fun.. I am loving it.

Today is an important day. It’s election day for USA. Who do you think will win?  I hope it’s not a question really. I keep hearing about the blue states and the red states during these elections. Hence I decorated my smoothie with Blue berries and Red raspberries. Added white coconut flakes to complete all the colors of the US national flag.

To make this thick and delicious smoothie – I used an apple, few slices of orange, 3 cherry tomatoes,  1/ 2  banana, 3 tbsp frozen coconut milk, normal milk and 3 mint leaves. Blended these ingredients to get a tasty, creamy smoothie with no need of  sugar/ sweetener.  The color of this smoothie is mellow and fresh! The smoothie picture immediately went on my Instagram account.


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