I am already getting nostalgic about this year. We still have one and half month left for the new year to start, but I am already making lists in my mind of the things I have achieved this year. One major discovery for me is smoothies and customizing my own different combinations. I have personally progressed a lot in the field of smoothies. But, I have to yet master the awesomeness of multi-layered smoothies and exotic fruits.

In terms of actual exercising, I am following Pop-Pilates calendar workouts by blogilates. Have you ever tried them?  You know, actually I had discovered her first video back in 2012. But, I wasn’t regular in my exercises back then. This year I made sure I followed the exercise routines and saw some results. I have managed to follow her calendar workouts for at least for few months. I have lost weight but I am not regular (who can exercise during 3 weeks of summer holiday?).

Actually her workout calendar is a very good business model wherein she makes a calendar of workout videos that a person needs to follow. All these videos have been uploaded by her on YouTube already.  Each day we deal with different exercises and work on different parts of body. Since they are all linked to the YouTube videos, one has to keep going back to her videos and she keeps getting the traffic. I am not complaining, I think it’s smart and it’s totally worth it. I wonder I can follow them if I was in India with limited net connection and WiFi issues.

I have to confess something, for the last whole week I have muted her video while working out. Want to know why, because I wanted to hear food shows happening on different Indian channels available on YouTube. I wonder if I am cheating myself.. I  was looking at different Punjabi parathas while trying to do an ab exercise. I am torn between the two videos… 😀

Have you ever tried her workouts? They are excruciating for first timers. At the end of every workout, I am usually super tired and a huge bowl of smoothie feels totally worth it. Please try her calendar workouts and let me know how was the experience. I am very proud of the exercise and fitness workouts I have completed this year. Below are ingredients of different colorful smoothies that I ended up having for breakfast last week. Enjoy it specially after a workout.

What kind of exercises or health routines do you follow? Please let me know, I would like to hear from you in comments section 🙂 Also, do you like the smoothie recipes on this blog or do you think they don’t define real food and are not qualified for a food blog? I personally love and enjoy making them 🙂

Kiwi and Pear smoothie

Blend small piece of peeled 3 to 4 inch zucchini, 5 to 6 frozen spinach cubes (or spinach leaves), 1 pear, 1 kiwi fruit, milk, few almonds and sunflower seeds to a smooth consistency. Garnish them with kiwi fruit slices, chia seeds, and muesli.

Orange smoothie

Blend 2 whole slices of orange, 1 banana, 1/2 kiwi fruit, 150 ml milk, honey to act as sweetener, a pinch of saffron to a smooth consistency. Garnish with muesli and soaked chia seeds. Also, drizzled honey on top of it. Yummm 🙂

Coconut flavored smoothie

Blend 1 carrot, 2 cherry tomatoes, 1/4th remaining orange from the above recipe, 3 tbsp of frozen coconut milk, honey ( sweetener, as per your taste) and sun flower seeds to a smoothie. Garnish with muesli , honey and disintegrated frozen raspberries and blueberries.

¨I can’t fix this¨ smoothie

Blend 8-10 frozen blackberries, 1 carrot, 200 ml milk, 1/2 orange and handful of sunflower seeds to a smooth consistency. Garnished with muesli, coconut flakes, 2 frozen raspberries and 2 frozen blueberries.


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    Beautiful blog!


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      Thank you 😊 you have a great blog too!


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        Thank you😊


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