I am aware, I am posting many smoothie recipes on this blog. But, I am not even apologetic about it. Everyone needs to try smoothies.  It’s fun to blend fruits and veggies in least imaginable combinations and quantities to create a coherent taste.

Of course, a dominant fruit always acts a base taste in these smoothies. Like, the ones having banana, it’s difficult to really avoid the over powering taste of banana. Hence, in my earlier smoothies, I tried to avoid use of banana and just keep zucchini, apples as my prime thickening agent.

I usually use milk with normal fat content. Please be aware both banana and avocado in this smoothie are packed with carbs, fiber and are high in calories. But, maybe this serves as a smoothie when you are going to have late lunch, light lunch or no lunch at all for some reason. Internet is filled with nutritional benefits of avocado. I would suggest using lower fat content milk or almond milk to compliment smoothies. This smoothie is heavenly…please make it today!!

Blend in 1 avocado, half cup frozen green peas, 1/2 banana and 200 ml milk until smooth. Add honey as a sweetening agent and mix it to a smooth consistency. Pour it out in a bowl and eat with strawberries. I loved this mild green colored smoothie. I usually eat smoothie with muesli but I was enjoying the creamy nature of this smoothie so much.



2 responses to “Avocado smoothie”

  1. jyo Avatar

    Absolute goodness…


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