Faro, Faro, Faro! This relaxed Algarve small town is must visit in Portugal. I was aware that it was a small town which might have few things to see and it just delivered that.

I am the typical tourist type I have the unbelievable urge to see, experience and explore as many things as possible within my trip.  I insert maximum number of things-to-do in my trip. I am avaricious about experiences, monuments, clicking pictures everything. But, what Faro was exactly opposite of that. Hence, what you will read about Faro will be just a bunch of funny, relaxed, calm experience. 

Faro is a retired person’s town. Faro has a railway line right from the centre of the city and a marina right next to it. The entire old town has cobbled stoned streets. Within the first hour we saw at least 4 flights landing at the Faro airport which is very near to the town. It can literally become a drinking game, drink if you see a flight. 


As we entered our hostel (which I will highly recommend for youngsters), the Portuguese owner of the hostel reassured our thoughts on the relaxed vibe of Faro. When asked he recommended us a place where we could have a drink and enjoy the sunset. This place was called O Castelo. This café has the best view of the sunset and landing flights.

We had a wonderful evening at this place and the food was great too. The chef actually made a vegetarian dish for me because they had none on the menu 😀 When we returned from this place, I realized I was missing my sunglasses!!?!!

I simply couldn’t remember where I lost them. I tried to recall everything, tracked my path, investigated every photo to find my sunglasses. I found them in most of the pictures until we reached the café. 

I had it while drinking slushy and posing with HEART FARO Letter sign. Popular place for tourists and unbelievably ignored by the locals. They kept walking in our pictures, haha 😂  I mean this is not ‘I Amsterdam’ to be crowded.. But.. Why not!


I had it while roaming in front of the cathedral, museum or the town hall.


I did not have them while visiting the huge Portuguese food festival happening in the town. There was food festival organized in the town which was attended by the whole town. We even spotted our hostel owner 😀 A huge playground with food stalls on four sides and hundreds of food enthusiasts sitting in between enjoying food and live music. It was fun to watch an Indian style Mela even in Portugal.


While we were returning from the Café, we saw some people were dancing on the street on live music. It felt like they meet every day or every other week to dance on some soulful music. We had stopped to watch them and enjoy the cool breeze. I did not have my glasses even then. I thought I had a wonderful evening but in return had to lose my sunglasses.


Next day, we had planned Benagil caves visit hence I dropped the idea of finding my glasses. After we returned from Benagil caves, I decided to visit the Café and just ask them if they had found sunglasses. Why would the café have it, but I just wanted them to confirm it’s absence. I had roamed in Faro city entire evening and some hours of the night. I could have lost them anywhere. When I reached the Café next day, the manager asked me the colour and make. They had my SUNGLASSES!!!! 🙂 I thanked them.

I was delighted! After this incident, we went to the city market. While roaming around I saw a familiar face pointing at my sunglasses, I wondered where had I seen him. He pointed to my sunglasses and said ‘So, you collected them from the Café’.

I said, ‘Yes I did’.

Just to realize he was the guy who was serving us at the café last night. He said ‘Yes, I found them after you left yesterday. I had kept them in lost and found items.’ I thanked him. What are the chances anyone would do that? He was a nice person. Believe me, my sunglasses are really simple blue coloured sun glares but still, they were mine and I was glad to have them back. I was just happy with Faro and friendly people living in it – welcoming, pleasant, and helpful. After we thanked him, we said goodbyes with big smiles on our faces.

We decided to end our beautiful Faro visit by spending some time on the beach, Praia de Faro and enjoy the sunset yet one more time 🙂


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    Nice exp Praj

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