Barcelona has many interesting places to visit. I have already covered a few in my earlier blog which can be found on this link ( Here are rest of the few places which were somewhat interesting and worth your time during your Barcelona trip.

Font Magica de Montjuic

Fountains are magical be it in Dubai or in Berlin or in Barcelona. The combination of water jets with music and light makes it an eye soothing sight which is difficult to ignore. I would strongly suggest to be there before time as it gets awfully crowded and securing a good place for awesome visuals will become almost difficult. Since it is a light and musical display, it occurs after dark. Hence, when we visited in summer, the actual show occurred from 9.30 to 10. 30pm. It is free of cost open to public event hence also remember that when you leave nearby metro stations will be crowded. This fountain was created in 1929 and was restored during Barcelona Olympics. I would highly recommend this place specially for families with kids. It has beautiful visuals of Barcelona City as well while you are waiting for the show to begin be aware to carry some food with you, there are many street dancers who perform before it gets dark and they are very talented as well. Keep a check on your belongings and children in such places. I will let the pictures do rest of the convincing about how beautiful the display turns out to be.

Placa d’Espanya

Barcelona’s one of the most important squares and serves a major hub for many transport lines. Well, frankly there was not much to see than the monument itself. Monument was created for again an exhibition or trade fair and again has outlived it’s original purpose. It is only important as it will lead you to the Palau Nacional Art de Catalunya, (MNAC), which is the Museum of Catalan art and location where the above fountain show occurs.

Placa de Catalunya

In the heart of Barcelona lies Placa de Catalunya. Just a plaza to hangout with locals and tourists. It is another central place around which lies shops, restaurants and cafes. A beautiful fountain and flower decoration during summer is difficult to ignore along with sculptures in different sides of the square.

Barcelona beach

When I say Barcelona beach, clearly I am generalizing a long strand of beaches present next to each other with a port in between as well. Please don’t forget your sunscreen bottle ( I can’t stress this enough). It’s really hot during summers and really a task to survive on the beach. Though when it’s crowded you will definitely find a place to sit just may be not near the waves. If you want to escape the city then this could be your place.

Basílica de Santa Maria del Pi

Beautiful gothic church is a must visit only if you have free time. The stained glass in the church looks exquisite. Church had a beautiful calm feeling to it and the building outside and right in front of the church looks very different and distinct. We don’t remember paying any entry fees to this church but today apparently there is an entry fee.

There are few other places we went in Barcelona. Specially roaming around in Gothic quarter and also hunting for best ‘pincho’ restaurants opened late afternoon when most of the court was quiet. It was a task finding vegetarian pinchos and good food while in Barcelona so remember not to walk away far from good restaurants if you are also a vegetarian. Which places did you enjoy seeing while in Barcelona? Its a big city, I am sure you must have seen different places than me. Do write them in comments.

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