Once upon a time when we were in a town called Lund in South of Sweden particularly in Skåne region, we attended an orchid festival. It was a complete eye opener for me, as I had no idea so many beautiful types of orchids existed. Sometimes one just doesn’t think about these things or even wonder. Of course, there are types and varieties of orchids and Botanical garden of Lund displayed the best of best during that festival.

Since you all know that whatever I see and like, you guys see it too.. Hence, please bear with me as I share these orchid pictures with you all.

I must say we have attended Harvest festival, International food festival, Kulturnatten, Orchid festival in Lund which all were fun!! Lund is a small university town but has a lot to offer. I will be writing about Lund Botanical garden in a separate post as it deserves so much attention. No matter which month of the year you visit the garden, there is so much to see. I have taken exceptional pictures and experienced beautiful times in this garden. They arrange wonderful educational programs all throughout the year.

All copyright reserved for these photographs. Do not download or share or screenshot for personal use! Respect the photographs and the photographer who care to share. Always give credit when due.

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