Focaccia bread – Garden landscape art with instant yeast

After making garden landscape focaccia in June, I was super pleased by the outcome and pleased that I could actually bake something with fresh yeast. But I wondered if the same could be achieved by instant dry yeast granules.

So I tried the same recipe found over here on this link. Instead of fresh yeast, I used one whole packet 14gm of dry activated yeast (Krona, yellow packet in Sweden). I think it worked great as well but I had to increase the whole purpose flour content by atleast 1cup and oil by 4 tbsps to keep it from getting sticky. It was super sticky at the beginning. I think you will understand this as you will knead it into a consistent dough. The dough was rising way too better and worked equally well.

Additionally, I added thyme to the original garlic – rosemary – oil mixture. It just enhanced the flavour.

Also, I used different coloured wild tomatoes, radish, spring onion greens with blue edible flower petals called as blåkint in Swedish and just cornflower in English.

While baking besides the strong aroma of rosemary, it smelled a little bit sour. I wondered what it was, after I ate it, I just concluded it must be the tomatoes. They were not sour but yet it smelled so.

It looked beautiful after baking and tasted equally good. I think garden scape focaccia should be perfect for summer Garden parties. I usually cover it and keep it in room temperature as I can never finish it in one dinner or lunch. As I said before as well, green onions tasted devine but if you are not a tomato fan then be careful with this one. Reduce the tomato flowers and replace them with onion or bell pepper flowers as in the previous recipe.

Happy Baking!!

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  1. Looks really beautiful and am sure tastes too 🙂

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  2. I bake focaccia bread on occasion but have never thought to put tomatoes and green onions in it. I’ll have to try that next time!

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