Have you ever lived someone else’s dream and yet ended up having a marvelous time. Well, back in 2014, I decided to be part of my husband’s dream motorbike trip and made memories of a lifetime. I know! I know! Today’s world demands you to love your own dreams and strive to live them, but I tried being part of someone else’s.. Still had a memorable time. Hence try this someday if you can.. Of course, I was not completely indifferent to his dream trip, because even though I wasn’t skilled enough to actually ride a motorbike, but I may have romanticised the idea of a bike trip in my mind at some point in my life.

Riders: Husband as main rider while I sat on the pillion seat.
Days, Month, Year: 7 days in April of 2014
Route: Bangalore – Mysore – Ooty – Munnar – Coimbatore – Bangalore
States passing through: Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu.

Before we left our point of origin, we had lot of preparations. Umm, I had comparatively simpler things to take care like ..Finding options for our night stays. He on the other hand had the most daunting task – getting the bike and us ready for the trip.

Let me try to remember and summarize what he was doing. This is what it looked to me..

He spent one whole day in some high end motorbike shop where he made sure that his bike was exclusively looked after and prepared.

He changed the tyres to some special kind which were ideal for such a long trip. They could withstand the wear and tear of this roadtrip yet be pleasure to ride on.

Then he made sure we both had super protective gears – jackets, knee pads, shoes, gloves etc.

Most importantly excellent quality of helmets were arranged. His helmet even had inbuilt Bluetooth headphones which were connected to the mobilephone and GPS.

He made sure bike had the right oiling and fuel for a good ride.(lame and simplified version of what technical things happened in that bike shop).

Also, he bought bags that hung around the pillion seat so that we had less luggage on our backs.

We only managed to book our hotels before our departure. Itinerary was supposed to be decided on the spot. We ended up looking something like this when we started from home.

To be cont’d…

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