One of the platforms that has profited during this pandemic is NETFLIX. Let’s be honest they are doing well. It was doing “well” B. P. (Before Pandemic) as well but people had a reason not to use it often. They work. But since work from home began, all such entertainment platforms have minted money. So, we ended up renewing our discontinued subscription. This movie is leaving NETFLIX on 31st March.

I watched 2015 released movie called The Big Short ( . I loved it and pushed me to start this Film ramblings series. I am talking about profits and losses because this movie had just that effect on me. It is a brilliant movie, with solid screenplay, visual effects and acting. To top it all of – based on true story. Somehow true stories always make a lasting impact than a make believe. The story is about the group of people, who guess the impending 2008 financial crash in world economy well in advance (2005—06) and decide to make money, by betting in market if it so happens. (ah still couldn’t put in words). Basically they bet on something that it will fall, which the entire world thinks will never crash, so when it does, they make money. They are ridiculed when they are betting because its impossible according to banks. It is adapted from a book written on that topic.

My ramblings will only try to stay positive and I am not here to offer my critique on this movie.

Screenplay of this movie has won an academy award and it is really the most attractive part of the movie (I know Ryan Gosling is in the movie, still). I enjoyed the way different characters are introduced and played around. There are nine main characters, who play pivotal roles. Two have their flashback stories (Steve Carell and Christian Bale) and detailed idiosyncrasies. Rest of the characters are introduced as the story continues. I enjoyed how the narrative was frequently interrupted to explain complicated concepts. It was effectively used and often funny.

Frankly this was the first time I tried to understand the real reason behind 2008 financial crash. Even when it was happening, had realised the intensity of this monstrous event, but never knew the exact reason of what was happening. All I knew was the layman version – “stock market is falling and banks are going bankrupt”.

There are many scenes that really bothered me. I should like to mention them here. First is the dialogue when one of the side character says on the lines of.. ‘These immigrants want home, they will sign the loan at whatever kind of interests and they have no idea of the market’. Aah! that felt too real. When you are buying a house and waiting for loan approval in a brand new country how much research is enough? Just another example of someone taking advantage of your situation.

Well, that brings me to next scene, when Brad Pitt asks his fellow men not to enjoy anticipating their eventual win. Because what it means is they are celebrating the crash. He says its okay to go against the banks, but its the common people who are going to suffer, go through the unemployment, deaths and lost homes. Up until that point, you are so engrossed in that narrative of when the crash will happen and these people will make money that it felt like a hard wake up call.

Third scene is when Ryan Gosling who has been narrating the entire story as a character.. Shows the cheque of insane money he has made after the crash and looks into the camera to say.. I am not the hero of this story or the good guy.

The entire narrative compels you to root for these intelligent people for figuring out and envisioning something no one else has. Hoping that they really make money, hoping they are right, hoping the crash happens to find out if they are right… Just to realise ethically it is wrong. I think this movie will make an excellent point of discussion in ethical class of some management course.

In the end, I was left disturbed yet weirdly satisfied. I appreciated that few humans were knowledgeable enough to see a problem (weirdly even they used it to their advantage, but they had to power to atleast see something that others didn’t notice)

Disturbing part was.. what happened, of how this world functions..of the lack of mindfulness in our actions and the way we are always just heading towards next impending calamity.

Anyway! Until my next movie rambling – Boy who harnessed the wind. See ya!

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