What a world we are living in! We have been uncertain many times before and are still now. I just wanted to write down a range of uncertainty that flows through someone’s mind and the difference between the thoughts pre – pandemic and post pandemic era.

Will I get that project? Will we be married? Will I survive this plane ride? Will India win Cricket World Cup? Will this movie win an Oscar? Will there be more terrorist attacks? Will there be more plane crashes? Will there be more wildfires? Will I ever finish that painting? Will I ever read two books in a year? Will I ever finish this series? Will I stop “not working out” at home? Will I ever actually know how to handle fire in front of a barbecue? Will I ever make it as a photographer? Will I complete visiting/travelling all the European countries? Should I even bother to think about bucket list things?

Will I survive? Will my family survive? Will my body cope with it if I get infected? Will my family manage? Will I know how to live without any one of them? Will I travel like before after all this? Will I visit restaurants at the end of this? Will this one mutate again? Did I touch that? Did someone sneeze? Is my body aching ? Is my throat hurting? Should I write a will? Do I own anything that needs a will? Will I get a job after all this? What is life? What is death? What does all this mean? Painful death and a quiet death? How is everyone else coping? Is this survival of the fittest or just “who is unlucky today game” of nature? When will I be infected?? Today? Tomorrow? Is destiny playing any role or this is pure play between nature and biology? Who is winning here? I am a pawn of their game? Whose game is it? What about the people who are saving us, who have seen so many deaths? Will they live happily? What will the warriors think? What will the survivors feel?

I live for certain times.. Waiting for simpler uncertainty, simpler problems. I live with hope.. I live in hope. I live in hope.

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