Jaipur – pink city of Rajasthan is a vibrant, colorful, crowded and happening place. It gives a vibe of modern city with a big pink heart at the center. Pink heart of this city is adorned with heritage, style, culture, shops and many places selling the authentic Jaipuri food and goods!

Our first day of exploring the city started around 10.30 in the morning with Jaipur City Palace. There are two gates and two ticket selling places to enter the Jaipur City Palace. On Google maps I can see only one entrance called Virendra Pol, which is near the entrance of  Jantar Mantar. Infact, ticket selling places for Jantar Mantar and Jaipur City Palace are diagonally opposite to each other. This entrance leads directly to Mubarak Mahal courtyard.

Second entrance is near the Sawai Man Singh II museum. I think it is called Udai Pol. Not sure, wikipedia page says it leads to Sabha Niwas but infact the entrance gate first lead to Diwaan e Khaas first. This entrance looks extremely different and attractive as well. The entrance is also shared by the entrance of the Palace School.

After buying the ticket, there is a second gate as seen below. After entering this second gate, we are welcomed by an optional choice of taking photos with a professional photographer. Photos of which can be collected at the end after exploring the palace.

After entering the palace from this gate, we see the gate for Diwaan e Khas first on your right.

Before we proceed further, let me just summarize of the places within the premises you can and must definetly visit in a basic ticket price.

  • Sarvato Bhadra (Diwaan e Khaas)
  • Mubarak Mahal
  • Sabha Niwas (Diwaan e Aam)
  • Pritam Niwas Chowk
  • Chandra Mahal (first floor only)
Diwaan e Khaas
Guards seen at Diwaan e Khaas

We started off roaming Sarvato Bhadra chowk or Diwaan E Khaas. It is the place where one will find two large silver urns or Gangajali, a wall piece made with weapons and royal guards casually hanging around. This place was meant for private audience between the nobles and royals, a more intimate place. An open square with everything pink in color and white designs is a perfect spot for pictures.

One of the gates at Pritam Niwas Chowk

Mubarak Mahal, Sabha Niwas and Pritam Nivas chowk have their entrances in three different directions from this Sarvato Bhadra area. 

We started off with Pritam Niwas Chowk, it is the area where you will find four different gates and the much renowned Peacock Gate! Chandra Mahal entrance is also accessible from this chowk.

Next up, we entered Mubarak Mahal courtyard and visited the gallery on ground floor of Mubarak Mahal which  displayed various kinds of textiles and fabrics worn by royals over years. These attires make you feel a bit sorry for the royals, they are expensive but must be soooo heavy to wear. These costumes/attires display the rich history of Indian textiles and amazing artistry that existed in our country. Another gallery in the same chowk is the Sileh Khana – arms and armour gallery.

Below this tower is the gate to Sabha Niwas, we almost missed it.. But don’t miss it

I must mention something about Sabha Niwas. We almost missed entering this place and we would have regretted it then. The room is adorned with paintings, decorations and murals. Personally I felt Sabha Niwas called as Diwaan e Aam, gave me a more royal feeling than the Diwaan E Khaas. The thrones, paintings, chandeliers are next level.

I highly recommend to visit these three places, though none of these galleries and Sabha Niwas allow photography or videography. Hence, memories is all you have for these places.

Around Mubarak Mahal Chowk
In front of Mubarak Mahal
Mubarak Mahal

Chandra Mahal has a museum with many floors and exclusive rooms which need a separate ticket. I am not sure, as I never visited it. I have read later though that the first floor can be accessed on a basic ticket

Hope you have a great visit to this absolutely mesmerizing location. Don’t miss it when in Jaipur.


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