One of the dream destination for any traveller is Italy and more particularly reaching Amalfi Coast. I am no stranger to this lovely dream. Planning a trip to Naples and exploring the region of Campania is like a wish come true.

My husband, our 3 year old toddler and I were part of this trip and I can mention a few dos and don’ts when travelling with a toddler in this part of Italy.

Naples airport We started our journey by flying off to Naples via Frankfurt by Lufthansa airlines. The journey was quite straightforward, we had a two hour layover in Frankfurt and time just flew away, before we knew anything we were boarding our flight to Naples.

Frankfurt – Naples flight is of two hours as well. Naples airport seemed a small airport when we landed but later figured out that with just one terminal, it has A, B and C gates. Luckily, we only had carry on bags and boarded the flight fast as families with *Children under 5* get priority in boarding after or with business class.

When we left from Naples, four days later, we were asked to do security check in a “family lane”. It is a separate section with dedicated security area/ lanes. Often times more crowded and time consuming than normal security lines. We couldn’t go back to normal lines and were not sure if we were allowed. This was the first airport were we came across this facility. So, if they give you an option to skip the family lane the do so.


Reaching hotel When I booked the hotel using, I got an option of booking a free taxi. First time booking such a thing, and it worked. I gave flight landing details on the app and received driver details just when I landed. Driver was waiting for us, holding my name at the arrivals area when we reached the airport. He quickly took us to the garage where the taxi was parked, he already had information about our hotel. The ride was smooth and we just tipped him after we reached. Hence, if you get an option to book a ride till the hotel, please do so, it’s free or price included in your hotel booking and very convenient if you are landing late (10.30pm) with a toddler.

Famous Toledo metro station in Naples

Itinerary for the next 3 days

Before we reached Italy, we were aware of weather conditions for the next three days. Hence our itinerary was decided based on the thunderstorm day we had in these three days. Day 0 and Day 4 are dedicated to flying to and fro from home!

  • Day 1 Beautiful sunny day was dedicated to day trip from Italy. We took a ferry to the Capri Island, spent few hours on the island, took a ferry to Sorrento. Train back from Sorrento is slow, stopping at multiple stops and reaches Naples main station.
  • Day 2 It was a rainy day and we dedicated it to exploring Naples
  • Day 3 Another sunny day, we dedicated to another day trip – island hopping! We took a ferry to Amalfi, spent two hours, took a bus ride to Positano, climbed down till the port of Positano while passing through the village, took a ferry to Sorrento. Had a big meal – lunch/ dinner in the main square and took the same slow train as day 1 back to Naples.

As you can read from the itinerary that it is a busy one. I must say I enjoyed every bit of it, and it was still all worth it. I have no myths and mysteries left for this place. If you can dedicate more time to this place, please do so.

Amalfi coast

Travelling within Naples

We spent just a day in Naples. Naples has funicular rides, buses, metro trains. One can take a day pass or ticket per ride while commuting in metro trains. Tickets are available at the ticket machines primarily and occasionally at the tobacco sellers near the station.

Most metro stations are well below the ground level. Elevators are present but it took us two days to figure out where they are on some stations. Usually marked with wheelchair assistance sign. Train time indicators go blank and show the times every once in a while. Trains make awful lot of noise, and there is lot of cold winds before the train arrives. There are only two metro lines, so less chance of confusion.

Mount Vesuvio view from the Castel Sant’Elmo

Travelling out of Naples – Ferry rides from Naples

There is only one port from where all the passenger ferries can be boarded. There are multiple companies offering tickets to similar places. The closest metro station is Municipio. There is a huge board displaying current ferry times just outside the port gate. Be sure to ask for the gate name when you buy the ticket.


Ticket prices vary from 15 to 30 euros per person depending on the location. People start crowding the gate almost half an hour before the boarding of ferry, as most often people aim to sit on the upper deck which gets filled up first. We preferred to sit inside and move out when approaching interesting villages to take pictures and videos.

We can take luggage bags on the ferries. Ask someone to tow it in safe zone after you board, if there is a possibility.

After reaching Capri Island

I think I have already given a lot of information about planning this trip. I will follow up with detailed blogs about each day and dos and don’ts of this kind of Italy trip. Until then follow me on Instagram and check out all the posts and stories of Italy I posted in highlight section


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