Gripsholm Deer Field Nature preserve

After having our lunch in Mariefred, we started walking towards the Nature Reserve. It is a 15 minute walk from the castle. It is called as Gripsholms Hjorthage Naturreservat (Hjorthagen). Hjort translates to deer in Swedish language. Official information about the place can be found on this website. I will try to explain our experience….

Day trips from Stockholm – Mariefred

If you are tired of Stockholm and need a break, then Mariefred is a perfect choice. Mariefred is approachable, touristy and has small town feel. These four activitites in Mariefred will help you relax and also have an enjoyable time. How to reach Mariefred? Mariefred is a small town just outside Stockholm county in Södermanland….

Slott in Stockholm – Ulriksdal

Since we all have been limited to staycations and local commuting, we as a family have decided to bike a little more often within Stockholm. When I say bike, I mean use bicycle. When we lived in India, bike always meant motorcyle or two wheeler vehicle, but in this blog post and here on I…