Hallstatt – a small village with beautiful views. We reached Hallstatt on a rainy afternoon. It was going to rain entire evening. We were mentally prepared to explore Hallstatt in that rainy weather. Infact it was a boon in disguise, as we got to see places inside Hallstatt completely deserted as well as extremely crowded in the few hours of our stay.

How to reach Hallstatt? Just as a recap, I have already written about how we reached Hallstatt. Our trip plan can be found here on this link – we planned Salzburg, Hallstatt and Graz during the Easter break.

Where to stay? We stayed in a cute little hotel called Fenix Hall Boutique Hotel Hallstatt. Luckily, we got a room with stunning views from the little window facing the mountains. Most hotels in Hallstatt advertise the views with the Hallstatt lake, but even if you get a room with views towards the windows , it will be absolutely glorious.  Our stay included breakfast as well. We liked our stay in this hotel and we booked using booking.com

After we reached, we quickly checked in our hotel, and decided to explore Hallstatt in rains. Our plan was to just walk around and get ourselves dinner, yes the place is so small that even a walk gave us plenty of beautiful views.

We started off by walking towards Panoramablick Hallstädtersee, as it was closest to our hotel. It was rainy and cloudy but perfect for photography. I think when one grows up in India, we end up romanticizing the rainy weather. In India, rains depict hope, end of harsh summer and everything turning green. After taking a walk around this small island and taking some beautiful moody pictures, we started walking towards the Hallstatt Lahn via Seelände.

Then we continued from road called  Seestrasse towards Marktplatz. Up until marktplatz, we got to see beautiful shops and stay inns  situated in Alpine houses on our left side and had the calm Hallstätter See on our right.

We enjoyed our dinner in one of the restaurants near Marktplatz. Since it was raining all the time, there were very few tourists and Marktplatz seemed like a big open square with restaurants and shops.

Quite close to the Marktplatz is the Lutheran Church. Behind the church we found a small garden with swing. Our toddler enjoyed playing here, while I was just happy to be roaming on this rainy evening in Hallstatt.

By this time, it was late in the evening and we decided to head back to the hotel as we had the next day  to explore in Hallstatt.

Travelling tip with toddler on a rainy evening (April) Get a good stroller, ours was Baby Zen Yoyo 2. We with rain cover and it was very helpful. It is a foldable stroller which is allowed as a cabin baggage in our flight. 

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