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Bavette Al Limone

Pasta. Something I gave up first when I wanted to lose weight, yet something which constantly attracts me. This recipe has parmesan cheese too! 🙂 Let’s go for this! It’s getting chilly and a pasta dish makes me feel good! What we are unaware of is the wide variety of pasta that exists even in

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Food experience in Paris

After writing so much about the Europe trip, I figured it was obligatory that I mention about my food experiences on this *food blog*!! I have a lot to say, and at the same time, I am not sure if it will actually be interesting for people who read this food blog to get recipes or

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Pasta in spinach gravy -Vegetarian

I really love pasta! I haven’t made fresh pasta, till date. I will make it someday. Till then, I love all kinds of commercially available pasta. I usually make vegetarian recipes by adding some Indian spices. I guess this is because I identify it better. But, I am pretty sure these ingredients are replaceable or

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