Something I gave up first when I wanted to lose weight, yet something which constantly attracts me. This recipe has parmesan cheese too! 🙂 Let’s go for this! It’s getting chilly and a pasta dish makes me feel good!

What we are unaware of is the wide variety of pasta that exists even in supermarkets. Never tried to explore them before. So while looking at a youtube series about how lemons grow, they showed a recipe on Spaghetti al Limone. It looked easy and straightforward. The original recipe uses ‘Linguine’ kind of pasta, but they used ‘Spaghetti’ and we used ‘Bavette’. Also, the original recipe used double cream but I enjoyed the taste with Turkish yoghurt as well. Also, new additions to the recipe are basil leaves and citron pepper powder.

For a novice like me, besides the usual penne, fusilli, lasagne, spaghetti, macaroni, ravioli, tortellini, fettuccine and vermicelli, Bavette was a new name! Wait a minute, I already knew 9 names!! I am surprised though how little I know about pasta. While doing a simple google search on kinds of pasta, I learnt there are at least 50 main types and one search result even showed 180 types in total.

Hope you enjoy this tasty, lemony and garlicky pasta dish. My portion size is large in this plating and picture. The sauce definitely coated the pasta but maybe when I make it next time would make a slightly saucy version of it.  Try this recipe and let me know how much you enjoyed making this super aromatic and tasty dish! 🙂

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