Harvest festival

Autumn is setting it’s foot here in Sweden and so have various festivals. The weekends have been unusually busy with orchid festival in Botanical garden, kulturnatten (culture night) and today’s harvest festival. This was my very first harvest festival . Festival continues tomorrow, but I already had a unique experience. Since, I was new to this particular concept ..I enjoyed the experience and wished to write about it.

Sweden is having temperatures ranging from 10-15 degree celsius. This weather change seems sudden after 21st September. Now, it’s quite chilly and windy! It was unusually good weather for the harvest festival which resulted in many people turning up for the event. It’s a family event held in Stadsparken, ideal even for children.

Twenty local producers turned up for the event to sell the products. The main vegetable products which I observed being sold were pumpkins, zucchini, potatoes, bottle gourds, carrots, spinach and corns.  While few sold actual vegetables, others sold seeds for private gardening or herbs and other plant saplings for kitchen gardens. Some sold processed products prepared  from the produce of their farms. We stopped at a stall selling chili sauce bottles from a wide variety of chilies. It was quite interesting to taste these sauces before buying them. Ironically, it was next to a stall selling honey bottles. Of course, fruits like apples, pears and berries were also part of these harvested items.  These stalls sold marmalade, jams and sauces made from these fruits.

Since, the park has bird cages and plenty of space for children to play, children loved it. Besides, two huge sturdy Belgian horses and pigs from the farm also attracted everyone. One of the stalls showed how fulkorn flour is made in a machine. The stall also served freshly baked breads from these flour. While others sold barbecued hot dogs and corn to the attendees. One stall showcased leather goods, cane decorative items and sunflowers arranged to attract more customers. Overall, it was a very fun event to attend in Sweden.

I am ending this post with beautiful pictures from the event which will speak more for itself!






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  1. Love the pictures very beautiful!


      1. Very nice, we have a harvest festival as well and it is so nice!


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