Detailed information about the waterfall

After reaching the Trummelbach waterfalls area (Previous part), we quickly parked the bicycles and bought the tickets. Tickets cost 11 CHF for adults. The waterfall is inside a huge hill/ mountain. There is an elevator to reach the midpoint of this waterfall. One can climb all the way to the top of the hill, as it has access with the steps. I am not sure it changes the ticket price. Since we took the elevator, we spent some time after reaching the midpoint of the hill. The views are quite scenic and good photographs can be captured from this point. One can view the snow-capped mountains, the valley villages from this point.

Moving on to the waterfall, first we covered the upper waterfall points specifically no. 7 onwards. Before even you see the waterfall you hear the strong gushing sounds of water. It is quite thrilling. In this video, we have started recording from the topmost point of the waterfall. The point all the water first enters the mountain.

We climbed up and down between the topmost point and the point our elevator had dropped us at. I would advise wearing some jacket or a protective layer against the chill/cold inside the caves. Of course, these caves are cold, since the water is gushing down from snow-capped Alp mountains. Also, the caves are misty and the steps are super wet. Hence, be careful while climbing the steps in and out of the different caves. There are yellow coloured lights and enough places to hold on to while climbing. I think people should be careful with children and elderly while visiting this waterfall. I was a little overwhelmed with the sounds of the waterfall in the caves. The lower parts/points of the waterfall are extreme opposite to the upper points, primarily they sound subtle in comparison. Since they are outside the caves, with a few sun rays, one might be able to spot a faint rainbow – we saw one 🙂  I think one can complete visiting and enjoying this place in around two hours. Please enjoy these pictures and videos of this waterfall.


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