I am having post-Diwali symptoms like missing Diwali sweets, decorations, ambiance and wonderful photographs shared by family and friends on social networking sites. Did you see my Diwali post?  I have been away from home during Diwali for the last two years. My parents sent us care-packages with all the Diwali sweets and snacks, so this year I insisted on making some on my own. I made Chivda, Besan ladoo and Rava ladoo for the first time.Of course they were not as perfect as my mom’s cooking but happy to have tried making them myself. They all  tasted pretty decent.  

Many food bloggers have shared stories about traditional sweets and snacks on Instagram along with the chocolates they received as gifts. I was surprised to see imported chocolates instead of traditional dry fruits. Times are changing.

I am tempted to try many of the amazing recipes they shared but for now, I am continuing to post a new savory recipe. 

Remember when Zoodles were a craze, when was it – late or early 2015 or back in 2014?? Well, I wanted to make zoodles since then and finally I possess Spiral Slicer from GEFU. I think these are easily available in markets. I bought it from Kuchen-Loesch shop in Nuremberg, Germany during my summer trip (I was thrilled to visit this shop, please do visit if you are nearby Nuremberg). This device works wonderful!! Just enjoy looking at these beauties!! 

Zoodles and Caroodles

For those who are not aware,  zucchini and carrots are sliced to obtain long noodles using the equipment. Since noodles made from Zucchini are called zoodles, I am calling noodles made out of carrot – Caroodles!  Stir frying lead to lightning of the bright orange and green color. I tried this recipe few weeks back with walnuts and very few vegetables. It turned out so good. Hence, I repeated the stir fry recipe with more vegetables and lots of peanuts. I hope you try making it once at your home. 


Raw caroodles and zoodles – made out of 3 inch long peeled zucchini and 1 big peeled carrot 

1/2 cup finely chopped red onion

1/2 cup chopped tomato

1/2 cup green capsicum

2 tbsps cut mushrooms

1 tsp cumin seeds

1 tbsp chopped peanuts

1 tsp garlic powder

Salt, pepper and Cayenne pepper as per taste

1 tbsp lime juice


White and black sesame seeds for garnish


1 tbsp chopped walnuts


Take a pan and add few tablespoons of oil. Add cumin seeds and peanuts. Fry them till they change color to light brown in hot oil. Add onions, tomatoes, capsicum and mushrooms. Keep the heat at medium high level. Fry the veggies for few minutes. Add a pinch of salt, close the lid and cook them for few minutes.


Add zoodles and caroodles in this mixture. Thoroughly mix them and let it fry for few minutes. Add all salt, pepper, garlic powder and lime juice. Close the lid and cook them for three minutes. Open the lid and let them fry for few more minutes on medium to low heat.

Remove them in a bowl and garish them with black and white sesame seeds.


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