Sigtuna is a small locality situated to the north of Sweden and part of Stockholm municipality. There are mere 9000 inhabitants (according to 2010 census). Sigtuna is famous for historical reasons. Today it is known for ruins, old buildings and wooden houses.

It’s easy to take a Pendeltåg (local commuter train) from Stockholm central station towards Märsta station. It’s easy to reach this locality via bus from Märsta station.


Get down at Sigtuna Bus station. One of the things that can be done is a quick stop on Drakegården, which is a tourist information centre on Storagatan. It’s a good idea to pick up walking paths and small maps which give a great idea to explore Sigtuna.


Sigtuna stadspark is a beautiful place to have a stroll, walk or enjoy a picnic.


Sigtuna has stone ruins from three different medieval churches. These are the pictures from St. Olofs and St. Pers Churches.


Storagatan is a (stora means big; gatan means way/street) is believed to be one of the oldest streets of Sigtuna. It is a beautiful street with shops, restaurants in small wooden houses.


St. Mary’s church is a fine example of Brick Gothic architecture in Sweden.


In all, Sigtuna is beautiful place to do a day trip from Stockholm. It takes just about more than an hour to reach this place.  Follow me on Instagram @eatclicktravelrepeat



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