Gålö is a place at the southernmost tip of Stockholm. It is known for its nature reserve. There is a huge camping site at this place. I reached this place from very north of Stockholm. I was with a group of photography enthusiasts coming from different walks of society and doing different jobs. To reach Gålö, I first reached Stockholm central station using a TunnelBana (Metro) train. Recently a new passage/ route/ connecting area was created in between metro tracks and local train platforms. This is very convenient to people who have to change from metro train to normal trains. Normal trains are called Pendeltåg in the Swedish language. The station looks beautiful and quite artistic. I reached well in advance to explore this new station. Attaching some pictures from the station had I known I was going to write about it, I would have taken more pretty pictures.

So from Stockholm Central station, I took a normal train going towards the Västerhinge station. I met fellow group members attending this meetup at the station. It’s funny how little information is enough for people to meetup and travel together. We all were told by the organiser to meet at the designated 845 bus stop. Our bus arrived on time and we started a 20min bus journey heading to Gålö.

Gålö was actually an island and part of archipelago till the 1800s. Later Gålö was connected to the mainland. Hence, we could access this southernmost tip so easily (train+train+bus). The day which had started extremely dull, foggy and cloudy had started to clear up. I was super excited with this change of weather as it meant I will be able to take colourful bright pictures. Just then, I saw a very beautiful church which had old-style wooden dome construction. Actually, it wasn’t a dome but a dome that turns into a conical shape. One of the very old churches before Christianity was abolished, I assumed.

We reached Gålö. Just a parking lot and numerous Brown-red houses in sight. The place we were visiting was actually a camping site with many houses which I assumed could be rented. We started walking towards the beach. Beach was actually in pieces with inconsistent stretches of sand. We took numerous photos. Everyone removed their cameras and started capturing whatever seemed beautiful to each of them.

We walked along the beach. The scene was beautiful. Sun was shining on quiet waves creating golden pearls on these waves. There was a small stone patch where we stumbled upon used up candles and benches nearby. It must have been a place where someone got married. The beach and the marshy area around it were inconsistent and quickly turned into a thin path entering into the forest. I spotted a lot of dragonflies near the swampy beach area and wild mushrooms as we entered the wilderness.



leaves and water

stones and water

It’s fun to walk through these small paths. I enjoy walking on forest paths – skipping mossy stones,  choosing the stable stones to step on, climbing carefully, holding the right branches and keeping a track of person ahead or behind me. I also enjoy looking at leaves when the forest gets thick. It usually leads to a thin ray of light to seep in. Yellow-green leaves light up differently and create beautiful pictures. After about two-hour walk, it was time to return back to the same bus stop. I hope you all enjoyed this photo trip along with me. Leave me comments about your day trips and favourite places to visit.




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  1. Tejas Avatar

    Wow…. Praj… very beautiful photos and well written…. superb…


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