Blog no. 4 of my Blogathon series. I am writing about favourite food items and travel places every other day. This will continue until I reach December when everyone goes on a break. HURRAH.

So, I am back at a smoothie blog today. But before that, have you seen Stockholm Pendeltåg Station. It is new, it is calm and it is beautiful. It is a perfect place to click artsy pictures. In fact, Stockholm Tunnel Bana or the metro station is already known for its art and called as the longest art project. Well, I took this photo of the station yesterday. I loved how I could edit it to black and white photograph!

As far as my super pink smoothie goes it has 2 boiled and peeled beetroots, 1 banana, 1 tbsp light creme fraiche (natural, no flavour), 300ml milk (of your choice I used 3.5% standard milk), 4 to 5 almonds, 1 peeled pear, a cup of frozen berries and a tbsp of honey. This was enough for two people. It was delicious 🙂


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  1. jyo Avatar

    Gorgeous colour✌

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