A street in Budapest

Budapest can be described as extremely entertaining city and even I didn’t expect it while I was planning to visit it. The only reason why we ended up exploring Gozsdu Udvar court was due to its accessibility from Wombats City Hostel Budapest.

Imagine a road that connects seven courtyards of seven buildings placed in a straight line. Each courtyard and the common road is filled with restaurants, pubs, and pop-up shops. As it was in front of our hostel we decided to explore this place for lunch and dinner and we weren’t disappointed. I will cover the food experience on this street in another blog, but I can assure you that there is no limit to choices. What I want to highlight the vibe of this street.

Isn’t jewellery a woman’s weak point and when one sees many vendors having unique looking ones, it’s difficult to make a choice

Jewellery sold on the street of Gozsdu Udvar court 
Hungarian currency is Forint and the rate card on the right shows that prices 
 for these embroidered earrings range from 6 to 24 euros.

 I had read about the survival of Cork industry from Portugal in a travel magazine. Cork as a material itself is highly durable with plenty of likeable properties making it an unusual source material for the production of jewellery, bags, furniture, besides the wine stoppers. Hence, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the cork made jewellery in this market.

Advertisement said ‘ Jewellery for the wine lovers’.
Cork material made jewellery will have to approach their customers with the ‘Wine loving test’ to make it popular. 

Hungarian embroidery and lacework make a huge part of their traditional folk and artwork. One will come across many shops selling these products. Hence, these products are definite candidates as worthy souvenir gifts while travelling back from Hungary.

Impossible to miss at the very entrance of this courtyard is this lady selling embroidered blouses and tablecloths.

Gozsdu Udvar street has various other artistic installations which are difficult to miss and impossible to ignore! For eg., these cages and painting of this beautiful girl on a building wall. 

There was so much more happening on this street. Cafes, pubs, bars, restaurants, breakfast places, gaming arcades, escape rooms, open courtyards, decorative lights. People selling tour packages, magnets, old books and records.

I will end the blog with this image of two ladies engrossed in shopping. May we never cease to wonder and admire everything that’s around us. Hope you have got a glimpse of this street through these photographs. Do visit this courtyard or others while in Budapest to enjoy the amazing vibe and feel.

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