Places to eat in Budapest (Non-Hungarian Specialities)

While roaming in Gozsdu Udvar court, we came across Jamie Oliver Pizzeria. As I explained in my earlier post, we thoroughly enjoyed the weekend market happening in the court and we were really hungry as we landed around later afternoon in Budapest. 

As we stepped inside we liked the vibe, but it was too dark for brunch, hence we sat in their outer seating arrangement. Must say,  Europe is perfect in summer with its outside tables, they absolutely makes the experience wonderful.

We had a vegetarian pizza with buffalo mozzarella. If you ever as a vegetarian what to order in a pizzeria, always go for Buffalo mozzarella margarita. Coffee and Pizza was kind of weird combination but we needed it. Pizza tasted delicious, absolutely delightful. Glad we had this experience. 

After the late lunch at the pizzeria, we had a wonderful evening in Budapest. I plan to cover the events of this evening in my next post. It was quite late in the evening and again we did not have our dinner. So, next spot that I would like to mention is Cucina Italian Kitchen.  We ordered Linguine arabiata. This pasta was as tasty as it looks in the photo and glad we found this place.  It was soothing and just the right portion that we needed to end the day quickly. 

Next Day, we explored New York Cafe. I had seen so many travel videos describing their experiences to be awesome and indeed we wanted to splurge a little bit on the experience. Oh boy, I am so glad we did. Clearly, I was absolutely not dressed for the occasion. They must have judged me by my choice of clothes. First thing first, you are made to wait in a queue after entering. Clearly, they always have guests and queue was a normal thing. Since I was not sure if this cafe will fit in our short visit to Budapest, I had made no reservations. I want to upload soo many more pictures, I am limiting to few on this blog. I will upload them eventually in other posts here and on Instagram.

New York Cafe is as royal as it looks in the picture. It is situated on the ground floor of the New York Hotel in Budapest. It is described by many as ‘MOST BEAUTIFUL CAFE IN THE WORLD‘. We got two seats on a small balcony table. We ordered most exotic looking dishes. We ordered Lemon Mousse with crunchy coffee, chocolate choice and another Dessert for which I don’t remember the name and Can’t find in their current menu.

After spending a wonderful evening, we dialled down our food and decor expectations and ended up having a fantastic Thai dinner ‘in the box’, back again in Gozsdu Udvar Food court. This place was called Pad Thai Wok 2 Go. The concept is clear, order everything you need at the counter and wait for your box. Maybe the picture will explain better. It explains each and every nutrient that goes in your box because of the choices you made. I learnt something about food. I was glad when I learn while eating. Try and Zoom to read through. Pad thai was mighty delicious and perfectly spicy. 

SO, I would end by saying that these four places were the most memorable places in Budapest. Yes, we did realize that we had non Hungarian/ Italian food after visiting Budapest. But, STILL, all the four food experiences were mighty amazing for us. May be I will explore more in to vegetarian Hungarian food before going to Budapest next time. 

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