Must see places in Budapest (Part 2)

Hungarian Parliament

Out of the must see spots of Budapest is Hungarian Parliament. One shouldn’t miss this place, in fact it is difficult to miss it. It stands grandly on the banks of Danube river and is visible from any of the parallel bridges joining Buda and Pest region of Budapest. 

View of Hungarian Parliament from Szechenyi Bridge

In the above picture, we see just one side of the Hungarian parliament. We walked to this site and then entered the parliament premises. We weren’t expecting a huge courtyard on the other side. It is one of oldest parliament buildings in Europe and took almost 9 years to be built and was completed only in 1904. It is the second largest parliament building in Europe. From, what I understand in my search, building style is called neo-gothic kind. The square where parliament is situated is Kossuth Lajos square. We found the lions standing outside the building to be absolutely graceful.

It takes about 15 to 20 walk from Szechenyi Bridge to the Parliament. While walking towards the Parliament, please pass through the Shoes of the Danube River

Fisherman’s Bastion

Castle district comprises of Fisherman Bastion along with Matthias Church and Castle on the hill. They form an excellent must-see spot in Budapest. It is located on the Buda bank of the Danube river. We

We reached this place after climbing at least a hundred steps. We were thoroughly mesmerized by the colourful tiles and beautiful vibe of this place.  It offers excellent views of the city. So many tourists just hang around this place as the weather and location are perfect to relax.

Hero’s Square

Last must-see spot of Budapest is Hero’s square. We reached this place early morning and hence had a lesser number of tourists. At the centre of the square is millennium monument depicting the founders of Hungary, behind them are two semi-circle arcade-like structures with statues of fourteen statesmen.

There are few more places that we visited in Budapest and would highly recommended them but may be in some other blog. Overall Budapest is and was a very interesting city. We stayed in Budapest for one and half days and can safely say that we saw the most typical spots of Budapest. 

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  1. Awesome photos-thanks for sharing!


  2. Great article! We loved Budapest, we were just there a few days ago! You seem to have had much better weather though 🤣

    Derek & Carine

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    1. Yes, since I was there in Summer. Writing late posts. 😀

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