After reading the first part of this blog, welcome to the 2nd part of the same day. Roaming in Bratislava resulted in coming across different kinds of visuals. Let’s start with wedding parties. We saw two kinds of parties happening while walking across the city. A beautiful girl, presumably a bride-to-be, roaming with a photographer and her bridesmaids enjoying what looked like an extension of a bachelorette party. They were having a wonderful time. It was such a breath of fresh air.  
What was funny was that exactly in two hour’s time while we were sitting in a cafe, we saw a would-be groom, along with his groomsmen. They had the worst looking Bachelor’s party going on. All of them were dressed much better than the groom. He was made to wear something weird and the entire party roamed the city making fun of him. Ahh, men and women – different perspectives! 

As we passed a church, we also saw a wedding getting over, of course, we couldn’t enter the church the festivities are still going on, but we found what you see in the below photograph in a nearby street. We found it bit quirky yet amusing. What do you think it is? I couldn’t find any reference for it online. Let me know if you have any information.

Also not to miss is this Music man. We also found his Youtube channel. He plays so many instruments and has a vehicle which makes him very difficult to ignore. 

We ended up in Enjoy Bistro near Michael’s Gate. Michael’s gate is a construction from med 14th century and you can spot a replica canon’s kept at the gate. We did not end up climbing up or visiting the museum, instead, we chose to enjoy a smoothie at the bistro and walk towards the bridge with UFO observation desk. 

There are walking paths on both sides of the bridge having the UFO observation desk. So, we chose the side which had shadow and walked towards a huge park called Sad Janka Kráľa on the other side. We sat in the park and watched Sweden lose its chance to move ahead in the football world cup. After that, with a heavy heart, we took our Bus from Bratislava Einsteinova bus stop towards Vienna. We thought the park was huge and spacious but we were just too tired to explore it in detail.

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    Fantastic photos! Thanks for sharing!


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