In Summer, Norway is beautiful to say the least. Our decision to visit Norway last year was no less than a dream that needed to be fulfilled. I have written a detailed information filled blog on how we planned our trip in Norway. You can check the details on this link. As stated in the previous blog, we started our journey in Bergen, continued to Flåm-Aurland and ended in Oslo. In this blog, I would like to first talk about our experience in Aurland.

After reaching Aurland by taxi from Flåm, we were amazed by the beautiful scene we were setting our foot and staying for a night! Aurland is a small municipality inhabited by 1700 people in Sogn og Fjordane region. We had booked AirBnB rooms in a house in Aurland. One of the primary reasons for doing so was unavailability of any rooms/ apartments within Flåm itself. Flåm is beautiful but comparatively small when compared to the number of tourists that visit this place. Hence, please book your apartments well in advance. When we reached the house, we were surprised how these homes were situated in between all the mountains and so close to the fjord waters. AirBnB rooms were in a private home of a lady who had lived in Aurland for many years. Her home was unique, stored with innumerable historic vintage items which were difficult to ignore.

Main street on which the home was located.
House in which we were staying!

Our experience in Aurland was limited to this house and an attempt to reach Stegastein viewpoint. We reached Aurland late evening, so we just relaxed, observed the surroundings. This home had a separate kitchen for the guests on the basement floor. We had supplies to make our own dinner and breakfast. We made our dinner, relaxed, unwound and reminisced on the cruise we took from Bergen to Flåm during the day.

Piano playing in the basement kitchen while the dinner is being prepared

After dinner, we took a stroll to a nearby wooden plank area with our host’s guitar and played a few songs. Entire day and evening had been rainy and cloudy nevertheless the temperatures were pleasant. The fjord waters and the ambience is so calm and serene that even the sounds of guitar were alien to them. Came back home to relax and have a great night’s sleep.

Next day, when I woke up in the morning, I understood the meaning of the phrase ‘clouds descending on earth’. Literally these clouds were floating on the fjord waters when I saw them from the window of our bedroom. We enjoyed our breakfast at the shed next to the house. It was still drizzling on and off, but it was less cloudy than the day before. We could see the ferry travelling between Flåm and Aurland fjord while sitting in the shed. Besides the ferry it was hard to spot the locals. Occasionally, cars of other fellow tourists or locals would pass by the road.

A small shed outside the house to enjoy the breakfast

After breakfast, we were blessed to witness a double rainbow and a single one, up ,close and personal. Sometimes vacations means just to enjoy, immerse yourself in the nature and do nothing else. Just to sit alone in quiet surroundings and enjoy the moment.

This again prompted my husband to break into some music playing in these stunning visuals. I don’t blame him, infact I took the opportunity to try my hand at shooting him. I have so much to learn in film shooting nevertheless we enjoyed!!

After all the music sessions, we packed our bags and decided to say goodbye to Aurland and move to Flåm. We asked our taxi drier to take us to the Stegastein point before we move on to Flåm. We were not very hopeful as it was super cloudy. Seeing the weather conditions, the crowded road, taxi driver helped us in reaching a point which was below Stegastein but offered the same views with almost no crowd. We clicked beautiful pictures ( like the cover of this blog 😉 ) and moved happily towards Flåm. Next blog on what to do around Flåm station!

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