Spain or España is a country that is on everyone’s travel list. Spain is special to many people for different reasons but for football lovers, it is a country that is a must visit! Our trip to Spain was a short and quick one. There is plenty to explore in the country and planning a four day trip simply just doesn’t justify. But short trips are sometimes more interesting and fulfilling than a week spent in a place.

Things to consider for our trip

  • Planning a trip for a couple
  • Visit at least two cities in Spain – Madrid and Barcelona
  • Book accommodation suitable for both places
  • Total trip days: 4 days

Travel Route and means of transport

  • Lisbon to Madrid by flight
  • Madrid to Barcelona by train
  • Barcelona to Stockholm by flight

Itinerary of the trip

Reach Madrid by night of first day

Day 1: Explore Madrid

Day 1 evening:  Take the train to Barcelona

Day 2 and Day 3: Explore Barcelona

Day 4: Fly back to Stockholm

Book an air travel ticket

After having spent a relaxing yet exiting time in Portugal (links for the articles can be found here – planning a trip, time in Lagos and time spent in Lisbon), we took a flight from Lisbon by TAP Portugal towards Madrid. We arrived at Madrid late night hence immediately left for our hostel. For our flight back from Barcelona towards Stockholm we chose SAS flight as it had convenient flight times for us to leave. For two and half hour journey it cost us around 1400 SEK for two travelers even after booking the flight two months in advance.

Book comfortable accommodation

Two hostels of Spain which we chose are as follows

  1. Living Mad Hostel in Madrid
  2. Fabrizzio’s Petit Hostel in Barcelona

Both accommodations were perfect and served our purpose of having a meaningful experience.

Book the connecting modes of transport

Madrid to Barcelona:

Train journey between Madrid to Barcelona was one of the costliest train journeys I have taken. It costs approximately 60 euros per person for less than three hour journey on a high velocity train operated by Renfe AVE. We took the train from Madrid Atocha Station till Barcelona Sants. If you take a six hour normal train journey ticket price can be as low as thirty euros per person. What is fun is to experience travelling in such a high velocity bullet train thinking at speeds of up to 310 km/h (193mph).We booked our tickets using GoEuro website.

I would advise to reach Madrid Atocha Station because the e ticket needs to be converted into actual tickets at the station. Also! Security check at this train station is as detailed as on an airport.

I have already written about Madrid and the places we managed to visit in a day. This post can be found on this link. I will soon write about my Barcelona experience as well.

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