Quiche is a French savoury tart with a defined base which can be filled with meat, vegetables, has to contain eggs and cream(milk) and topped with cheese. Difference between a quiche and frittata is the absence of pie base and cream in the later.

Even though these might be the basics of quiche, still I chose to use milk instead of cream and I guess resulted in a lesser creamy texture. Next time will incorporate and will definitely note the difference. Till then I loved this version as well for breakfast /brunch.

Following the suggestion of Jamie Oliver in his latest quiche recipe on Youtube I used Filo sheets for the base. I was thinking about quiche for a few days and wondered if I had faster way out in avoiding the making of pie base. Some people use readymade pie base or make it from scratch, so when I saw this filo idea, I immediately jumped at the possibility. I had filo sheets lying around since my Apple Strudel recipe. Hence, I decided to use them for the base, which I can assure you has worked out beautifully.

To start off I chopped two whole scallions, half cup of brocoli, half red bell pepper in small dices. I halved the cherry tomatoes and removed the seeds. I added salt and citron pepper and set it aside.

I prepared the quiche pan by laying atleast 8 filo sheets at the bottom. Then pour the vegetables on top of it.

After adding the vegetables in the filo sheet, I added a slightly whisked mixture of 200ml milk and 3 eggs. Sprinkled off garlic powder, lemon citron powder, a pinch of white pepper powder and salt. Make sure your liquid mixture is not over spilling.

Next step was to add grated cheese on top of it. An afterthought is I should have added more cheese, maybe 🙂 As it usually doesn’t hurt. Also sprinkled some flaky salt and dried chives.

Now bake it for 35 – 40 minutes at 180 degrees. Remove it from the oven and let it cool for few minutes.

Verdict : Crust was good with filo sheets. It held the liquid and cooked it well. May be more eggs and use of full fat cream to make it mealier. It was semi moist filled with veggies. May be even more cheese next time. For now this was perfect

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