Helsingborg is one of the oldest coastal town of Sweden. When planning a trip to Helsingborg, it would be best to reach by train from Malmö or Lund by any of the regional trains. I have listed the places we found interesting and that we could manage in a day trip of Helsingborg. At the end of this blog, I have just mentioned Lomma Beach because it was yet another must visit place near to Malmo, just like Helsingborg. I have already talked about Sofiero Park and palaces that can be easily reached from Helsingborg.

Statue of Magnus Stenbock and Helsingborg’s Rådhus

One of the first things you would notice after exiting Helsingborg Central Station is the Statue of Magnus Stenbock and Helsingborg’s Rådhus. Rådhus is a city hall and almost every city and town in Europe has one. They are usually extremely attractive looking buildings with peculiar architecture and Helsingborg’s Rådhus is no exception to this rule. It’s attractive red color building with a 65mt tall bell tower. Try to locate two memoral stones around the building constructed by Danes and Norwegians thanking for Helsingborg’s role in accomodating Second World War refugees. Next to Rådhus is the equestrian statue of Magnus Stenbock. Magnus Stenbock was a prominent military personnel, belonging to nobel family and who played an active role in Great Northern War.


Behind Rådhus lies the premises of Kärnan. Kärnan is a tower belonging to a Danish fortress from medieval era. Simply put it is part of a fortress which had remnants on Danish land as well. It was captured eventually by the Swedish forces. There are four floors inside the tower, each with a defined purpose. Best is the view from the terrace of the tower. I will highly recommend this place when in Helsingborg. It’s a easy place to see and explore.

St. Maria’s Kyrka

St. Maria’s Church was a beautiful church with really attractive stained glass windows. A perfect spot to spend some time and admire the beauty of a well kept church.

Fredricksdal Museum and Trädgård

Open air museum and botanical garden of Helsingborg. Entrance fee is 100SEK for the current summer months. It is a museum to showcase ‘Skåne’ kind of life from the past. Houses are preserved in it’s entirety with decors. There are huge farms and animals grazing around. One can find an audio guide online and will be helpful while exploring the areas. One can easily spend a day here or picnic in these 36 hectares filled with historical and nature experiences. In recent times, one can also enjoy a 360 degree virtual tour on their website.

Lomma beach

White sandy beaches of Skåne are simply beautiful and Lomma beach should definetly considered one of them. We have visited this beach only once but have very pleasant memories of the white sand. Skåne in April is not as warm as one would expect and hence you can see that the beach is empty. I am pretty sure in summers it is crowded place, popular with families with young children due to it’s close proximity (20 mins by train) to Malmö. There is a long pier near the beach to have a walk on and it almost feels as if we have entered the sea.

This was our first time experience of Helsingborg during a short day trip. There is a lot more to see in this beautiful city and I wish to revisit it someday.

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