Sofiero palace and park

Summer in Sweden is a wonderful time. The temperatures are ranging from 18 to 23 degrees celsius this year. These are some wonderful pictures of my visit to Sofiero palace and park. Sofiero park and palace can be visited easily by taking bus no 8 from Helsingborg station. Sofiero palace belonged to Swedish royalty in the past. Back then! Queens had taken interests in maintaining the gardens of this palace. It is a humble palace with a beautiful view! The property is huge and one can easily spend a day with kids and family. The place has a small icecream shop opened in summers along with a cafe/ Restaurant with a spectacular gallery to sit in while having your food.

Well, I had started this as a food experience series during my travel, but I didn’t have an elaborate eating session while visiting this palace. I only had a vegetarian sandwich with feta cheese from their cafe. Sometimes, sandwiches are made with hard breads that are difficult to cut with knife. I have to say ,I found the most easily cutting knife while eating this sandwich. May be, this information isn’t relevant, but for the first time I finished my sandwich with ease and enjoyed it thoroughly. I was not struggling to cut the bread. The ice cream was perfect for the current Swedish weather and I have currently discovered my favorite one , which is a combination of almond and caramel.

Enjoy the pictures!! 🙂


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