Botaniska Trädgården is one of the most beautiful botanical gardens I have ever visited. I have visited this place in all seasons and not once has it appeared less beautiful. Well, may be in winter, but then nothing looks beautiful, unless it’s with snow during winter. There are two or three entrances to the garden. It is one of the must visit places while in Lund and I am hoping these pictures will be convincing enough.

Garden has eight hectares site equipped her with green house, cafe, lake, stone garden, large open areas, office buildings and innumerable precious trees and shrubs. It was moved to it’s current location in 1860s.

There are benches to sit and enjoy your own coffee or a wonderful cafe to order a salad and a dessert to enjoy. They have benches by the lake which are particularly beautiful.

What fascinated me usually are the flowers. Believe me, these are very very selected few that I have added in here. Every kind of flower tree that you might have seen in Sweden and more can be found here. If you are a botanist , a lover of nature than this garden is a must visit.

Besides the outside flowers and trees is the unbelievable green house with varied controlled temperatures and climates. It is said it houses 200 varieties of plants in eight controlled climates. In total the garden has 7000 species of plants. One can also find some in house animals/ reptiles/ amphibians which would be mighty interesting to look at.

Chestnut tree

My favorite time of the year to visit was of course during the tulip season in May. I simply couldn’t believe my eyes, I wasn’t aware that evening that botanical gardens houses so many tulip varieties. I was simply blown away with it’s beauty. You can see presence of cherry blossom trees in the background in the below picture. Two of my most favorite flowers in one frame!!!! I wish I was in the below picture as well. Someday I will visit Lund again in the month of May just to re experience it.

Besides the naturally occurring beauties garden also organizes frequent events and festivals throughout the year. Check their calendar on their website. I have already written about the orchid festival we attended there, I must also mention they also participate with enthusiasm during Kulturnatten held in Lund.

Last but not the least, I leave you with this simple picture of lake with lotuses. Just imagine, one gets happy when they see one lotus , here we have many, that too pink ones. I had almost forgotten about them until I revisited this picture. Exactly why I started this blog, to keep the memories alive, cherish them and coax you to make your happy memories too. Such are the times, try harder. We are tired but we need to hold on to what we have and love what we had in past.

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