It is one of the activities that I wished to do for so long. Finally got around doing it. I have lot to share about this activity as it took five to six days to complete. I dedicated atleast two hours everyday, I think.

I purchased this activity back in India via Amazon app. There are several paintings that are available, of which I found this “Lion” painting super attractive and colorful. I bought it back with me to Sweden. It was a very small packet with folded canvas, acrylic colors and paint brushes. So I ironed the canvas carefully when I finally decided to commence painting on it.

Things I learnt while painting my very first paint by numbers:

  1. It takes lot more time than you have imagined
  2. There are several and extremely small compartments with small numbers. It may take three/ four rounds of same color being opened and painted around because you end up missing small numbers.
  3. The color bottles may seem small but are enough
  4. There will be lot of washing the brush, drying it, and inserting it in next paint
  5. No need of water or any other liquid for thinning the paints
  6. Not all colors had good spreadable consistency- two or three will be difficult.
  7. Paint the dark colors first , gives good contrast and light colors may turn dirty while you paint the darker colours later.
  8. Paint two or three colors at a time, let them dry.
  9. Preferably select colors which are not close to each other
  10. Patience and perseverence will help you finish the painting.

You will be proud of the outcome!!

Go ahead, paint atleast one paint by numbers this year!!

I have framed the painting once it was dry and now eagerly waiting for it to be hanged on the wall!! 🙂


This Paint by numbers is of the year 2022


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