Dot painting – my experience

Dot painting needs fluidic acrylic colours. This is the most important thing according to me. Designs, tools and precision will come with practice. I have tried and failed with many dot painting projects in the past because I had acrylic colours with wrong consistency. Make sure that the ones you are using have pourable quality.

Dot painting can be done on variety of surfaces. I have tried on MDF wood made coasters, magnets and earrings. This was when I was so new to dotting.

Eventually I got myself “the” tools. Dotting tools are usually better known as nail art tools, I think. These tools are shared between the communities as they achieve the same purpose with nail polish I think. These tools have pens with different dot sizes. There are also glass rods that you get shot different circumference sizes.

I had ordered these

Recently I have recorded my dotting session. I used a canvas of 25 *30cm from Crelando and then on a pebble. Even though the designs are simple, I enjoyed making them. I have a long way to go on this entire process. Still have to master two or three layered dots and not getting offset while recording a video 😂🙄😅

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