Three spectacular movies and I would highly recommend them for families with kids. All the three of them are perfect for watching over a weekend with kids, may be not all in one weekend, but definetly worth spending time. You can watch them and plan different activities around the theme of the movies. I have so many ideas… 😀 All the movies are available on Netflix.

Let’s start with Finding Ohana – who doesn’t love a treasure hunt in amazing background of Hawaii. There were scenes which were kind of predictable like the one where main protagonist decides to venture the treasure hunt on her own but still the rest of the story was intriguing and kept me glued. I had heard about Geocaching after I came to Sweden. But I haven’t yet tried because the pandemic started around the same time. I have downloaded the app and ready to go soon. This movie has inspired me to try it with my kid when she grows up.

Will a 30 year old enjoy this movie? Well! Why not? It can also be the sort of non stressful movie playing in the background when you are doing household chores, but I strongly advise to watch it ..because of stunning visuals and engaging story. But if you have kids who understand movies and a story then this is your movie for a Friday family night. Don’t forget to go geocaching with them to find hidden treasures around your locality.

Also this movie has made me aware of Hawaiian culture. I am one of the ignorants who didn’t know much about it except for the word Aloha and flower garlands. But after watching this movie, I know that they have richer traditions, stronger family bonds, interesting stories and folktales and super connection to environment.

Second Movie is HUGO. This 2011 release is directed by none other than Martin Scorsese and has won five Academy Awards, two BAFTAs and three Golden Globe. Apparently it was a box office failure but I was thrilled to watch this movie. It can be called a period movie as it is supposed to be based in 1930s Paris and is adapted from a book called ” Invention of Hugo Cabret. I loved the handling of the movie for which they have rightfully won all the Academy awards including visual effects, cinematography and art direction.

There is a certain mystery around Hugo in large part of the beginning of the movie which gets answered eventually but which leads to more mysterious characters like that of Ben Kingsley. I was thoroughly impressed by the actor Asa Butterfield playing Hugo. The poster of the movie doesn’t give you slightest idea that the movie is actually about Hugo’s drive to find answers about “Automaton” -sort of robot but it leads to Ben Kingsley’s character who had been a filmmaker -pre first world war. If it sounds interesting then watch the movie. I guess what kids will learn from this movie is how Hugo relentlessly tries to find answers , works on a project at such a young age, lives indepenently, knows how to protect himself, forms friendships and bonds with people during his journey.

Third movie is Enola Holmes. This is 2020 release and asolutely wonderful movie to watch, specially again due to the protaganist’s character- Enola Holmes and played beautifully by the talented Millie Bobby Brown. I mean for a seventeen year old, she handles the character very maturely, feels like it was written just for her. I also again liked the screenplay and the times the character directly talks to the audience. In all seriousness though I would have loved if she would have solved some more mysteries using the knowledge she gained from her mother played by tough Helena Carter.

If I haven’t said it yet, Enola Holmes is a sister of Sherlock Holmes and this is entirely her story after the mysterious disappearing of her mother. I am tempted to buy the actual books and read through the sparky Enola Holmes character. There are six books published under the Enola Holmes mysteries and I wonder if all will be translated into movies with Millie Brown. I loved how she steers herself independently to reach London, though it is almost unbelievable in the parts where she is shown to be defeated by her elder brother (not Sherlock, the other one). I also feel I would want to teach my child how apparently Enola’s mother was teaching her, including some self defense skills.

Ohh this entire blog seems to be about mystery solvers!! I liked each of their styles and urge to find answers in their own way. I hope you love these suggestions and let me know which movies do you suggest. Movies that keeps you engrossed and away from the Pandemic.

Activities to be planned based on these movies

  1. Download Geocaching app and start looking for local treasures
  2. Ask your children to make a list of simple mechanical machines within your house
  3. Spring is here, Find the flower trees in your locality and make a list
  4. Do flower have meanings?
  5. Play scrabble
  6. Write codes for your Children and hide them within your house for them to stumble upon , let them solve and find the secret message
  7. Make a simple animation flipping book with your child
  8. Read Enola Holmes Mystery books

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