Until quite recently, I hadn’t been to Ulriksdal Palace and then ended up visiting this place four times. My first blog was all about the slott area and surrounding gardens. Even the route to reach this place is heaven for bike riders. Here is the link to it , if you haven’t read it Slott in Stockholm. Most recent visit was with my friends to their Trädgårdscafe. I decided to write a special blog because of all the pretty pictures I ended up taking at this place.

If you are a plant mom/ plant dad (it is a thing now a days to call oneself) then you will like this place. Thanks to pandemic, many of us started fancying indoor plants and actually taking care of them even more.

Sweden is very garden friendly place. As soon as spring starts, people look forward to gardening. There are shops here which provide everything related to gardening be it actual plants, pots, decoration, watering equipments etc. Ulriksdals trädgårdscafe can be counted one such wholesome place. As the name suggest cafe, it has an associated cafe providing opportunity to make it a few hours trip easily. You will find actual plants, pots some decorative pieces and a cafe to take a break. It is a vegetarian cafe with seating area indoors and outdoors.

There is a fixed menu for each day and few sandwiches/ foods items available al a carte. I chose a simple cheese sandwich and a delicious tart.

It is a small place compared to Plantagen but extremely pretty and cafe gives a very cozy feeling after or before your plant shopping. Hope you take out time just to visit this place.

I ended up buying two house plants for myself. They are growing okay so far. I am trying this for the first time. I got Oxalis Triangularis and Pink Splash! They are beautiful but I feel I am in a long journey. I has already over watered Triangularis once and under watered Pink Splash. You got to ignore them yet not forget them! 😁

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