Since we all have been limited to staycations and local commuting, we as a family have decided to bike a little more often within Stockholm. When I say bike, I mean use bicycle. When we lived in India, bike always meant motorcyle or two wheeler vehicle, but in this blog post and here on I mean bicycle. Ulriksdals Slott is a beautiful place to visit as a family for picnic. Slott means palace here though it actually means a castle, but this one looks more like a Palace.

What all can you do here?

Picnic : Slottspark is perfect to bring your mat and have a small picnic under a tree. There are lot of spots around the Slottskapell as well

Orangerimuset: If you are interested in sculptures and art do visit, needs tickets.

Trädgården: This beautiful place requires its own blog (which will be a next blog). There is a nursery and a shop to buy plants and other gardening related products.

Eat: If you haven’t gotten your own food then, Ulriksdals Slott cafe is a perfect place to get coffee, icecream, juice and a cake. They also have a larger cafe which serves actual food based on their own menu. Though Trädgård’s cafe has been really recommended.

Those chairs are meant for the Slottspark cafe and people spread picnic mats all around these humongous trees

What can I see here?

Have you seen an alle of trees and loved it. I am one of those people. Specially the ones on Slottsallen.

Don’t miss out on Morianbron and the sculpture

Stare at the still pond that almost gets missed out

Enjoy the birds around the fountain in the park with your children.

Did you look at the panda?

There is so much more I still have to explore. I know of the mini garden and Trädgården I plan to write in my next blog

How to reach here?

Sometimes the journey is more beautiful or as beautiful as the location. I want to leave you with some videos showing you some stunning visuals. It involves greenery, walking paths, cycling paths, badplats and so much more.

As I mentioned we chose to bike to Ulriksdals Slott from two different points. One from the end of Slottspark from a route called Fasangårdsvägen and returned from Slottsträdgardvägen. This is a beautiful route.

Another way to reach is through the Slottsallén

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  1. Ulriksdal Trädgårdscafe – Eat, Click, Travel and Repeat! Avatar

    […] reach this place is heaven for bike riders. Here is the link to it , if you haven’t read it Slott in Stockholm. Most recent visit was with my friends to their Trädgårdscafe. I decided to write a special blog […]


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